Hashtag Printing from Instagram at Events

Instagram at events, or Hashtag printing from Instagram is a cool new concept which adds an element of creativeness to your event in Israel.

Instagram Printing for Events

Two days before the event we will call your guests and explain to them that yours is a wedding/barmitzvah with a difference!  We will explain that at your wedding they get to be the photographers!  We’ll ask them to take as many pictures as they like on their smartphones.  Selfies, pictures of themselves with the bride, group pictures – whatever they like – and to upload them to the social networks with the tag, e.g.  #Jessica and Idan’s wedding.  And for those guests who don’t have Facebook or Instagram you ask?  No problem!  They can just email the photos to us.

The next stage is the fun part!  We now have the photos in our system and within minutes we will print them out with our professional thermal printer which produces the highest quality prints possible.  All that remains is for the guests to visit the collection point and pick up their pictures.   How cool is that?

If you have questions or would like further information, contact us!