White Screen

White Screen for Weddings and Events

White screen is a new mobile studio photography concept for weddings and events which is gaining popularity in Israel. Guests get to take home a professional studio type photo of themselves as a souvenir of the event.   We offer our white screen studio as an option for places where our Photomobil cars can't be brought into the events hall.  It's an extremely cool and special idea and the guests love it!

Our white screen professional studio, with either a plain white screen or our "grunge" screen (see above), includes our enormous range of dress up accessories, a professional camera, professional lighting and professional studio photography.  But, as you know, we like to offer an original twist to our products!  With our white screen the professional photographer is on standby to take special shots (e.g. of guests jumping in the air) but for the most part the guests are taking the pictures themselves!  How?   It's easy!


Opposite the white screen is a customised photo stand with a touch screen and professional camera.  Next to the screen, where the guests are posing for the pictures, there is a button.  The moment the guests are ready they press the button and start taking pictures. The pictures will be displayed on the touch screen as they are taken.  Moments later guests receive a hard copy of the pictures.  Cool, right?

Guests can have their photos taken in as large or as small a group as they like.  For example a couple,  the whole extended family or the bar mitzvah boy with his whole class!

Our professional white screen photography studio will arrive at your event anywhere in Israel and we promise it will upgrade your celebration by several degrees!

At Photomobil we believe in professionalism and excellent service with the emphasis on a quality product.  Therefore the pictures your guests take home will be of the highest quality and will never fade.

See also our funky photo booths in decorated vintage cars.  An original gimmick that upgrades every event!