Wedding in Israel

Wedding in IsraelPlanning to get married in Israel?   Mazel tov!

Looking for an original attraction for your wedding in Israel which will make it the most talked about event of the year?  That's where Photomobil comes in!

Our photo booth, inside a beautifully decorated vintage Beetle, will add atmosphere and fun to your wedding celebrations.  Photomobil comes with a large range of original and special dress up accessories.

Most of our brides  choose to situate the car next to  the dance floor, but it can by by the chupah, by the reception area, or wherever you choose.   Your guests will have enormous fun having their photographs taken in the Beetle and receiving the pictures or magnets as a souvenir of your wedding in Israel.

Our team of designers and photographers are currently developing new, unique and very cool photo booths for weddings which will be available shortly.  They are based on the idea of a booth inside a vintage car but are suitable for places where space or access is an issue.  The designs are specifically themed towards weddings.  Please ask us about them.

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